A new way of thinking of Star Plus by making an advertisement to change our mindset and generates new thinking. This advertisement shows Cricketer M. S Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane wearing the T-Shirts of their mother's name called Devki, Saroj and Sujata rather than their father's surnames.

Through this Ad campaign Star Plus try to motivate and compare our mother's recognition to fathers.

When somebody asking to Dhoni, why he wore his mom's name on his t-shirt, then he gives motivational reply to the reporter. Same thing with Virat Kohli and Rahane Ad Campaign. Star Plus try to generate generates new thinking in Indian culture and want to present - why should your identity to linked only with your father's name. Just look at these Ad Campaign:-

M. S. Dhoni Nayi Soch - Son of Devki

Dhoni Said, For so many years, I have been wearing my father's name....then you never asked me, "any particular reason for that?"

Virat Kohli Nayi Soch - Son of Saroj

Virat Kohli Said - Whatever I am today, it is also because of my mother, so obviously why should my identity be linked only to my father's name? I am as much a Saroj as I am a Kohli.

Ajinkya Rahane Nayi Soch - Son of Sujata

Rahane Said - When I was young, my mother would hold my cricket kitbag. And would also carry my younger brother in one arm, while she took me for my cricket practice everyday. My practice became a work-out regime for her. People say one should bring honour to their father's name but for me, it is equally important to bring honour to my mother's name as well.

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