The war-torn Afghanistan might have a new hero. All of 20, Abbas Alizada with his toned physique, bowl haircut and a pair of nun chucks bears an uncanny resemblance to Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee.

The Afghan admirer and impersonator has been a hit in the internet with his videos and photos going viral especially that of him performing martial arts, inescapably drawing comparison to his legendary role-model.

Bruce Lee was My Hero

“Bruce Lee was my hero when I was growing up,” Alizada, who grew up in war-torn Kabul, Afghanistan, told BBC news “I used to dream about him and of becoming a second Bruce Lee for my people.”

He has even adopted a new name – Bruce Hazara, his first name from his heroand the last from his tribe. “I want to be a champion in my country and a Hollywood star,” he said in another an interview at Kabul’s Darul Aman Palace with Reuters.

Alizada’s tale is inspiring as he came from a poor family of 10 children and despite his early inclination towards learning martial arts, his family was notable to afford it. However, seeing his diligence, the trainers at a Chinese MMA academy agreed to train him for free.

Inspired by his childhood hero, he has learned the art of nun chuku and wushu, often topping the competitions held at the academy.

His Aim to Inspire the People of Afghanistan

His Aim to Inspire the People of Afghanistan

His ultimate aim though is to inspire the people of Afghanistan. “The only news that comes from Afghanistan is about war… I am happy that my story is a positive one,” he said. “The destruction here makes me sad, but it also inspires me.”

He also subscribes to the Enter The Dragon actor’s philosophy of life. “As a character, I may not be Bruce Lee,” he told the BBC, “but I would follow his foot steps as long as I live.”

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